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Since 1972 Hyundai Heavy Industries has been accomplishing things thought to be theoretically and scientifically impossible. These accomplishments are due to the company's unwavering determination and endless efforts. The key to our success lies in the "Hyundai Spirit," created by HHI's founder, Mr. Chung Ju-yung.

Creative Wisdom
Positive Thinking
Unwavering Drive
With a future-oriented perspective, we have met the changing needs of our customers, and will continue to do so by applying our experience, intelligence, and creativity. We are dedicated to developing new technologies to improve the quality of life throughout the global community and into the future.
The remarkable growth and prosperity of our company is due to the commitment of HHI's employees. Once committed to an idea, we have the ability to make that idea into reality. In this ever more competitive world, our commitment to providing quality products to our customers will give us an edge over our competitors.
Our dedication is driven by our enthusiasm. The quality of our products and services is a direct reflection of our unceasing determination and hard work. We will continue to take on new challenges and find new ways to improve our products and services.

Management Philosophy

Over the past four decades our creativity, pioneering spirit, and indomitable determination have made us a world-class heavy industries company. As we look to the future as a leader in this field, we are committed to contributing to the global community.
As a responsible corporate citizen we are committed to enhancing our corporate value by generating economic value with the world's most advanced technology while faithfully upholding our legal and ethical responsibilities. To guide us in this task we have established five principles that provide the framework for our corporate code of conduct.

Code of Conduct

01. We enhance corporate value through continual growth.

  • - We actively seek out and cultivate business with growth potential.
  • - We secure core capabilities essential to future growth.
  • - We build flexible business management systems.
  • - We help build solid global business organizations.

02. We uphold fair and transparent business practices.

  • - We respect the law and practice proper business ethics.
  • - We support open and fair competition.
  • - We foster fair business relationships with suppliers.

03. We pursue business practices that are safe and environmentally friendly.

  • - We provide pleasant and safe work environments.
  • - We prevent accidents through our strong Safety Code.
  • - We are proactive in developing and adopting environmentally friendly technologies.

04. We uphold a labor-management culture based on mutual respect and trust.

  • - We foster a vibrant organizational culture based on trust and equality.
  • - We perform all duties and responsibilities to enhance corporate competitiveness.
  • - We strive to improve the quality of life of our employees and encourage employee self-development.

05. We contribute to the development of society as a global corporate citizen.

  • - We strive to enhance community culture and welfare.
  • - We contribute to national development through job creation and the payment of taxes.
  • - We contribute to human prosperity by creating products valued by people throughout the world.