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Sustainable Management

Toward a Sustainable Future

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) assumes responsibility for protecting the environment and enriching the society for the next generation. HHI will continue our sustainable future with the passion to overcome challenges and a strong belief in core principles. HHI has been committed to performing corporate social responsibility as a “Global Leader” in the heavy industries sector. We are constantly increasing our economic value by strengthening our technological competitiveness in order to actively respond to environmental changes.

To build a better future, we will maximize our resource efficiency, conserve energy and respond to the climate changes. Also, we will promote various social contribution programs such as expanding our support for the neglected class of underprivileged, children, and multicultural families, and building a community infrastructure.

HHI continues to establish a law-abiding management as a company that meets international standards as we further expand the value of ethics management to our partners in a transparent and clean corporate culture.

HHI will strive to create a sustainable future by continual improvement in economic, environmental, and social performance as a global heavy industries company.

Integrated Report

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